Baptist Chapel

The old Baptist Chapel, founded in 1765 in Common Road, now used for light industrial work, was closed in 1964. It had apparently been very well attended in the past, possibly owning to the fact that it had a local regular minister. He lived in the then Baptist Manse, now the Red House, on the corner of Common Road. In Kelly's Directory of 1904, the minister is named as the Rev. Amos John Jarrett, and his name does not disappear until 1925, since when there has been no regular minister. Mr. Jarrett is remembered by many of the older inhabitants of Shelfanger. The Chapel was a Strict Baptist Chapel. It had seats for 400. Villagers remember Sunday School treats on the meadow at the corner of High London Lane, and a Sunday School of 27 members. However, gradually numbers decreased and at last the Chapel was closed. There had been efforts by various local preachers to boost numbers, but these had failed. The final service was a Harvest Thanksgiving. ©1984 members of Shelfanger WI