Methodist Church

The first Methodist Church in Shelfanger was built in 1843, though the oldest stones to be found in the graveyard date from 1880. It was well attended and eventually in 1950, the old building was renewed. The gallery was removed and the gallery seats brought down; these are now in front of the church. The floor was raised; formerly one had to step down into the church. Also removed was the iron post which had held up the gallery. The money for this renovation was raised by efforts of various kinds and by donations. The opening of the renovated building was performed by Mrs. Brown, mother of Mrs. Moss, who still lives in Shelfanger. Mrs. Moss's husband, who was for 45 years a local preacher and Mrs. Kemp of New Buckenham, ran the Sunday School. There were anniversary services and Sunday School outings to Yarmouth. There is now no Sunday School, but the church still has a service every Sunday. The congregation was increased by a number of people when the Winfarthing Methodist Church was closed. At Harvest Thanksgiving and other special occasions, the Methodist Church joins with the Parish Church and there is a great sense of co-operation between the two congregations.