Shelfanger Parish Council Annual Report

I am pleased to add the latest AGM report. 

Shelfanger Parish Council Report 2020

Due to the Corona virus lockdown which started in March 2020 the Parish Council has not been able to meet publicly.   Councillor Beverley Spratt is aware that the Parish council will continue to operate in this way and matters dealt with by the Clerk.   Any information will be published on the village website and on the PC village notice board.  
The Chair, Mrs Paines and the Parish Councillors have been kept fully informed.
The current Parish Councillors are willing to remain in office.

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shelfanger Parish council held on 20th May 2019 have been circulated and agreed and signed as a true and accurate account by Mrs Paines.

Matters Arising: None

Finances: A copy of the end of year accounts has been published.

Chair’s Report:
My gratitude must go to the County, District & the Parish Councillors for their continued support throughout this difficult period and to the Parish Clerk who has worked tirelessly to keep everyone updated.  The Vice Chair, Stephen Groom has also been instrumental in setting up a daily phone line for residents who may have required assistance from local volunteers or from the Early Help Hub.  My sincere thanks go to everyone concerned.
This village has been fortunate to have desalt with this pandemic without any known casualties but we must continue to follow the Government’s guidelines in order to Stay Safe!

Paul Chambers’ Website report
The current year has not been very busy for obvious reasons but it has been a successful one for the website as it has been completely redesigned in order to simplify the process of finding a page. And it has also maintained the facility to handle temporary postings with suitable efficiency.  I welcome any useful suggestions.

School Report:  Not received.

Signed  ……………………………………..

Mrs Marion Paines   
Chair Shelfanger Parish Council  
August 2020

Boyland Common Report from May 2019 to May 2020

During this period the NWT ‘Wildlife in Common’ project was running workshops and meetings to raise awareness of the historical and present day importance of the Norfolk Commons. Boyland Common has featured in several of these sessions, and is regarded as one of Norfolk’s important Commons in that it has a long history of being uncultivated and ‘unimproved’ by modern agricultural practices.
In May 2019 Stella Taylor led a wild flower walk on the Common. Pam Ross counted the Greenwinged Orchids, and prepared a distribution map which showed an increase in both the number and distribution of orchids over 2018 results.
The hay was cut and subsequently removed by the local farmers who arrange this work between themselves. We are eternally grateful for this help in the management of the Common.
July 2019,Stella led a walk on the Common as part of the “Wildlife in Common” project, and on 4th August 2019 the project organised a scything workshop, which was attended by 4 “Friends of Boyland Common”,and 5 members of other local conservation projects. We now have our own Austrian scythe.
Ivan Lord continued to cut the paths to encourage people to enjoy the Common, We are very grateful to Ivan, who does such a good job.
In October 2019 we received the results of the “Wildlife in Common” surveys, an impressive list of the flora and fauna that the Common supports. This was put up on the village website.
From August to October the “Friends” worked on maintenance and clearing work, coppicing willow, and cutting back scrub and willow saplings in the ditches, and in September, John Webster cut back the excessive growth on the Northern section of the Common.
Further clearance work was done early February 2020.
Pam Ross wrote a short article for the NWT Spring edition of their magazine ‘Tern’ in praise of the lasting legacy of the “Wildlife in Common” project.
In April 2020, a chain and block closing mechanism was stolen from one of the kissing gates. This has now been replaced by a spring mechanism, thanks to the skill of Terry Green
April 25th 2020, Pat Webster reported the appearance of the Green Winged Orchids. Pam and Ron Ross subsequently did a count and prepared a distribution map showing once again a significant increase in both number and distribution.
May 2020, Ivan Lord replaced the posts and rail that mark the position of the far bridge on the main section of common.
It had been hoped that, should the ‘Wildlife in Common’ project have the funds when the project ended in April 2020, they would fund a replacement of rotten fence posts around the perimeter of the Common. However, Covid-19 rather overshadowed the winding up of the project, and, despite a mention by Gemma Walker, project manager at the final meeting in February 2020, nothing more has yet been heard.
Due to Covid-19 the Friends of Boyland Common Conservation Group have not yet held, or arranged to hold, their AGM which normally takes place in May. This will be rescheduled for a later date.

Pam Ross, Chairman of the Friends of Boyland Common Conservation Group